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Icon Painting Diploma


This Icon Painting Diploma course at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts in London (UK) is now open to St. Gregory Nazianzen Orthodox Institute students. As part of the Liturgical Arts Programme, The Prince's School offers a three year, part-time course in Icon Painting. This Diploma course is based on the traditional model of master and apprentice teaching. Instruction will cover all the processes required to create traditional icons in egg tempera, including panel preparation, gessoing, gilding, pigment making, design principles and painting techniques. The practical work of the students will be placed into context through studies of the masterpieces of icon painting and talks on theology and the relationship of iconography to church architecture and worship. Students will also be guided in ways of developing their skills in the contemporary business environment.

The course is by a renowned iconographer, fresco painter, and carver with over twenty-five years experience in the field.

The course is based in Shropshire (UK), and consists of seven three-day sessions a year, with extra practical studies requiring at least a further four hours work a week at home.

For  additional information, please see Applications for Icon Painting Diploma or contact Margot Stone.


Message from HRH The Prince of Wales

“Through my school for the traditional arts, I have tried to do what I can to continue the living traditions of the world’s sacred and traditional art forms. It is all too easily forgotten how crucial traditions are in handing on the immense richness of human knowledge, wisdom, and skill, and giving them new life and new application. I hope that The School’s practical teaching and outreach programmes will enable the next generation to bring their inheritance to life.”


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