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Program and Degree Options

St. Gregory Nazianzen Orthodox Institute provides faith-based distance learning opportunities in higher education through flexible and high quality programs of study at the certificate, diploma, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels across the following disciplines: (1) Orthodox Studies; (2) Christian-centered Interdisciplinary Studies with specialization tracks in Business Administration, Counseling, Communications, Education, History, Information Technology, Leadership, and Management; (3) Hellenic Studies; (4) Religious Education; and (5) Slavic Studies.


These programs of study are designed to prepare men and women for service and leadership in the Orthodox Church and to advance apostolic diakonia and outreach to those searching for the Truth of the Gospel, by creating an environment that fosters growth in knowledge, faith, spiritual life and experience, orthopraxis, and service (see 'Facts at a Glance').


Personalized Learning Options

The Institute’s innovative distance learning programs provide study tracks and/or certificate and degree pathways that fit the adult learner’s individual schedule and learning style. St. Gregory Nazianzen Orthodox Institute utilizes the Individualized Distance Learning delivery model, which combines personal choice, quality, convenience, and flexibility. The components of this model include Rolling Enrollment, Advanced Placement, FlexStart, Independent Study (or Individualized Learning for Motivated Students), and College Level Testing. The Rolling Enrollment policy allows a prospective student to submit his/her Admissions Application to St. Gregory Nazianzen Orthodox Institute at any time. The Institute will then review the Admissions Application and notify the applicant as to the admission decision within a few weeks after submission. Advanced Placement allows the student to transfer credits from other recognized institutions (subject to review and approval by the Registrar’s Office) and/or to earn credits upon the satisfactory completion of Advanced Placement examinations. FlexStart Scheduling allows students to choose and register for non-sequential fast-track courses. Independent Study rewards the diligent student by allowing him/her to enroll in a course, complete the requirements, and move on to the next course at his/her own speed or pace. College Level Testing allows students to translate life experience into academic credit. Ultimately, the Institute makes it possible for the student to manage a family, job, career, and/or other responsibilities while studying. You do not have to put your life on hold to complete your degree at St. Gregory Nazianzen Orthodox Institute.

It is with profound joy and immense gratitude to our Lord for His manifold blessings that we welcome our virtual visitors from across the globe to the St. Gregory Nazianzen Orthodox Institute website. ... more info >



Flexible Payment Options


St. Gregory Nazianzen Orthodox Institute’s flexiblepayment options enable you to (a) make a discounted one-off payment for your entire certificate or degree program or (b) to spread the cost of your tuition and other fees over the duration of the program of study through a payment plan. For information, please contact the Financial Aid Office.





Cambridge International Certificate for Teachers and Trainers

St. Gregory Nazianzen Orthodox Institute is now authorized to offer the University of Cambridge International Certificate for Teachers and Trainers. This program purposes to deliver high quality and cutting-edge tuition that equips potential and existing educators with the skills, tools, techniques, and experience necessary to transform their classrooms into dialectical educational settings in which learners are motivated and empowered to learn. St. Gregory Nazianzen Orthodox Institute is also in the process of developing new opportunities to pilot additional Cambridge qualifications and awards, which will enhance excellence in learning and professional development for the Institute staff and learners, and moreover, for the community at large. For additional information, see Cambridge International Certificate for Teachers and Trainers.

Quintessence: E-Journal for the Integration of Theology in the Arts and Sciences

Quintessence is an international, open-access, peer-reviewed, electronic journal that advances the integration of the study of religion, theology, the arts, business, education, and natural and/or social sciences in a manner that proposes to transcend disciplinarity, multidisciplinarity, and interdisciplinarity, through transdisciplinary (TD) ontology. ... more info >

World Education Services

World Education Services (WES) is the leading international credential evaluation service in North America. WES offers individuals and institutions a range of services that enables those educated outside the United States to have their academic credentials recognized and understood.


Students, Job Seekers and Immigrants come to WES for accurate credential evaluation reports that they can present to demonstrate their academic achievements when seeking opportunities for further education, professional licensing, employment or immigration opportunities in the US.


Academic Institutions, Licensing Boards, and Employers rely on WES reports when assessing internationally-educated candidates. Recipients of WES reports count on WES for accurate and reliable evaluation reports, which are always based on authentic documents, as well as for its comprehensive and current online tools and research.

La Asociación de Universidades de América Latina y el Caribe para la Integración

La Asociación de Universidades de América Latina y el Caribe para la Integración, (AUALCPI), es una entidad jurídica no gubernamental de derecho privado y competencia internacional, cuya duración es indeterminada y no tiene fines lucrativos. Fue creada el 15 de Abril de 1993 en la ciudad de Mendoza, República de Argentina; y contó con sede jurídica en la ciudad de Quito, República de Ecuador. Actualmente, las oficinas de AUALCPI y su personería jurídica se encuentran en la ciudad de Bogotá, República de Colombia. ... información adicional >

Church Supplies for Latin American Missions


Censers from $US19.00 (Plus Shipping and Handling)

Chalice Sets from $US62.40 (Plus Shipping and Handling)

Hanging Vigil Lamps from $US16.80 (Plus Shipping and Handling)

Holy Water Sprinklers from $US13.73 (Plus Shipping and Handling)

Reliquaries from $US37.90 (Plus Shipping and Handling)

Zeons from $US18.20 (Plus Shipping and Handling)






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Humility is the only thing we need; one can still fall having virtues other than humility -- but with humility one does not fall.

Elder Herman of Mt. Athos

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World Education Services

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